Our workshop schedule is now updated February - May. There have been some changes and additions- check them out.

To register for a workshop - email with the title of the workshop.

Once your place in a workshop  is confirmed, you will be given instructions for payment (wait until you have a reply email).

This payment will hold your spot. Barb will also connect the class with the instructor who will then email you,  providing details about the workshop and supplies or equipment needed.

Please notify us regarding any special requirements such as allergies, therapy dogs etc so we can let other students know.

Once you have paid, we expect you to show up for the workshop. If for some reason, you have to cancel, we might be able to fill your spot and give a partial refund. There will be a penalty to cover administrative time. If your spot can’t be filled, there may be no refund at all. Please understand that instructors plan for a certain number of participants.

Please note, participants under the age of 18 are to be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.

Thank you

Introduction to Weaving on a Table Loom with Norma Rosier

Dates: Monday evenings, 6-8 pm for 8 weeks from February 26th to April 22nd except Easter Monday

Cost: $ 271.20 for  members, $288.15 for nonmembers 

Class Size: minimum 4 maximum 6

Description: For new and interested weavers but also suitable as a refresher course.

In this 8 week class (2 hours per week) you will learn the basics of weaving using a table loom or a rigid heddle loom. Table looms are slightly simpler to use than floor looms, but the techniques learned will apply to both types of looms. Rigid heddle looms are much simpler to set up, more limited in the types of weaving possible.

You will learn how to prepare the loom for weaving and then weave a small item such as a scarf or a sampler. We will also discuss planning a weaving project and understand weaving patterns. Tuition is geared to the needs and pace of each student.



Dyeing Fleece for Sock Yarn - with Stacey Robb - rescheduled for Fall 2024



Colour Theory Dyeing - reschedued for Fall 2024

Spinning Sock Yarn with Betsy Walters

Date: Saturday March 16, 2024, 9 am - 1 pm

Cost: $67.80 for members, $79.10 for nonmembers

Class Size: minimum of 4 maximum of 8

Description: In this workshop you will learn  the attributes of good socks and the materials needed to meet these traits. You will learn spinning and plying practices for socks using different types of roving.

Materials fee: $15.00 to be paid to the instructor at the workshop.

Double Weave with Susi Reinink

Date: Saturday March 23, 2024 and Sunday March 24 2024, 9:30am - 4:30 pm

Cost: $237.30 for members, $271.20 for nonmembers


Class Size: minimum of 4, maximum of 7

Description: Students will explore all the possibilities of Double Weave including: casings, double width, tubes, slits, vertical and horizontal dividers, tucking, plus pick up techniques such as Quilted, Ulla Cyrus, Mexican, and Finnweave. In a progressive order: blocks, structurally patterned double weave, multiple cloth and their applications will be covered in theory. Students must have weaving experience and come to the workshop with looms already warped. 

Materials Fee: $5.00 to be paid to the instructor at the workshop

Making a Warp With Barb Heins

Date: Thursday March 21, 6 - 9 pm

Cost: $50.85 for members, 67.80 for nonmembers 

Class Size: minimum of 4 maximum of 6


Description: This workshop is designed to follow the February  Project Planning workshop. Students will bring their warp yarn, refine and complete their project designs and then wind their warps in the studio. A discussion and demonstration of dressing the floor will be included. 

Materials Fee: $3.00 to be paid to the instructor at the workshop.

How to Knit Socks with Betsy Walters

Date: Saturday April 20, 2024, 9 am - 1 pm

Cost: $67.80 for members, $79.10 for nonmembers

Class Size: minimum of 4, maximum of 6

Description: In this workshop, you will learn the attributes of good hand knit socks and a basic pattern to make them by knitting a miniature sock. These techniques can than be applied to  knitting full sized socks at home. You will be asked to bring your own sock yarn which can be hand spun or purchased commercially.

Next Steps for Beginning Weavers: Exploring Weave Structures with Norma Rosier

Dates: Monday evenings, 6-8 pm, 8 weeks from April 29th to June 24th except Victoria Day

Cost: $271.20 for members, $288.17 for nonmembers

Class Size: minimum 5 maximum of 7

Description: This workshop is run on table looms and possibly one floor loom, in a round robin format, where each participant warps one loom with one of the weave structures, before the workshop begins. Then each participant will take a turn on each loom to create a set of samples. Help will be provided for those who are not confident at warping a loom on their own.

Weave structures will include lace weaves, overshot, shadow weave, twill weaves, a weft faced weave and an eight shaft weave structure.

Materials fee: $10.00 to be paid to the instructor at the beginning of the workshop.


Winding and Warping Techniques with Barb Heins



Part One: Thursday April 11, 5pm - 9pm and Part Two: Sunday April 14, 9 am -12 noon

Cost:    $118.65 for members $129.95 for non members

Class Size: minimum 4 maximum of 6

Materials Fee: only if purchasing warp yarn 


Part One: Theory and Winding a Warp 

Learn how and why to use a warping paddle, two crosses, warping mill and more than one warp chain while winding your warps. Learn the differences between, and reasons for dressing a loom from front to back versus back to front. This includes how to design a striped warp on the loom as well as how to handle sticky yarns such as boucle or mohair. Wind a narrow warp of your choosing (or one planned for you), to try out one or more of these techniques. 

Part Two: Dressing the Loom 

Bring the warp you made in Part One and put it on a loom. You may bring a loom or use a guild loom. Participants will all be using different techniques and warp yarns so everyone will have the opportunity to learn more than one technique. You will have time to complete the weaving 


Designing Handwoven Garment Fabric with Roberta McKinney

Date: Saturday April 13 , 2024, 9 am - 1 pm

Cost: $67.80 for members, $79.10 for nonmembers

Class Size: minimum of 4, maximum of 6

Description: Using a wide range of handwoven samples as well as yarns, Roberta will explain the characteristics of a well designed and woven fabric which is suitable for sewing into garments. The discussion will include weave structures, sett, fibre choices and finishing techniques.  

Materials Fee: There will be a small materials fee.

How to Choose a Wool Fleece for Spinning with Elaine Horeman

Date: Sunday April 14, 2024      9am - 3pm

Cost: Members - $ 101.70           Non-members - $ 113.00

Class Size: minimum of 4 - maximum of 8

Location:  A local farm (hwy 2 east of Kingston); flock of Cheviot and Finn shorn on April 13, 2024


Description: In this workshop, you will examine several wool fleeces and learn what characteristics to look for and which to avoid when choosing a fleece for spinning. You will learn how to unroll, lay out and skirt a fleece before separating it according to various qualities. 

You will also learn:

~ characteristics of the fiber from different sheep breeds

~ washing techniques to use depending on the final use of the fiber

~ how to store both washed and greasy fleeces

If time allows, you will learn different methods to prepare a greasy fleece for spinning and how to spin in the grease.

No spinning experience is necessary, but it would be helpful.

There is no materials fee but fleeces will be available for purchase after the class.

Introduction to spinning on a wheel - Stacey Robb

Dates:  Day 1 - Sunday May 5      9am - 3 pm  and

Day 2 - Saturday  May 11 9am - 3 pm

Cost: Members: -$203.40      Non members: $ 237.30

Class Size: Minimum 4     Maximum of 6



Students will learn how to use a spinning wheel to produce a singles yarn on the first day. They will have time to practice this technique at home before the second day when they will learn to ply and finish a 2ply yarn. They will also be introduced to the use of colour in designing yarns. Students may use their own wheel (in good working order) or borrow one of the Guild’s wheels.

Flax Seed to Linen

Date: Saturday May 25, 2024 10am - 4pm

Cost: TBA (dependent on the number of participants - range $50 - $100)

Class Size: minimum 5 - maximum 10



The morning (in our studio) includes a presentation/ demonstration about soil preparation, seed selection, planting, harvesting and processing.  For the afternoon, we will move outdoors for some hands on experience with processing and spinning.  Participants may bring their own wheel, or reserve a studio wheel.

Workshops we have offered in the winter/spring of 2024

Thanks to our instructors - and to our participants who have come to explore and learn together.

Introduction to Tablet Weaving

Spinning Art Yarn

Introduction to Weaving with a Rigid Heddle Loom

Planning a Weaving Project


If you have questions, or requests, contact us by email



Workshop Registration

Email your interest to register  to heinsATkingstonDOTnet.  Your payment will confirm your place in the workshop.  Cheques (payable to KHWS) may be dropped off at our studio or sent by mail to the address below.  We are now able to accept e transfers Once your regisration has been confirmed, you will be provided with instructions for e transfer.

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If you are not yet a Guild member contact us Here for more details. NOTE:  Our membership year begins June 1 and ends May 31.

No refunds will be issued for cancellations less than 4 weeks before the workshop unless a replacement participant can be found (6 weeks for visiting instructors). If a workshop is cancelled by KHWS (e.g. if there are insufficient registrations), then a full refund will be given.

Materials  and printing fees are payable to the instructor. Supplies/equipment lists will be distributed closer to the workshop.

Studio looms or spinning wheels are available to reserve (included in Introductory Workshops). Work must be removed from looms within 2 weeks of a workshop, after which a rental fee will be charged if the loom is not required for another workshop.

Children must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.

In addition to scheduled workshops, we offer introductory classes whenever we have enough participants. If you and three friends want a particular workshop we can make arrangements.

You do not need to be a member to register for a workshop, but members benefit from reduced workshop fees.

Guild members have access to our studio equipment and extensive library.

We have mentors in spinning, weaving, basketry,  and felting.