In our Studio

Members and visitors


Guild members and visitors should be willing to provide proof of full vaccination for access to the studio.

We wear masks while working in the studio since it is difficult to maintain a safe physical distance.

Thank you for working to keep each other safe and well.


Open Studio Times

"Open Studio"   describes times when we ensure we have some members available to answer questions.

You will see Guild members working on a variety of personal projects and sharing knowledge, information and encouragement.  We welcome visitors during these times.  We are happy to share our enthusiasm for fibre creations and provide information about our Guild, workshops and membership benefits.

Confirm times by checking our calendar.

Generally, we have Open Studio on Thursdays (between 10am and 2 pm).  There are also Tuesday evening Open studio evenings (6:30 - 8:30 pm ) approximately twice per month and occasional weekends.

When there are workshops or study groups taking place, we ask that you plan your visit for another time.





On the 100 inch loom


A team of 8 is preparing to weave catalognes.  These will be cotton bed coverings.  The view of 2000 warp threads shows the precision required in setting up a loom. They are getting closer to being ready to weave.  Two people need to weave in tandem - more team work!

100 inch loom - catalogne



Visitors and members alike watched the colourful warp on the large loom just beyond the window. Several queen sized blankets have been woven as well as some yardage for sewing garments.

The final blanket has been woven and the loom is being prepared to weave the next projects - catalognes.

Wondering how we weave these bkankets?  Watch our short video
Finished blanket
A finished queen sized blanket

Our Threads of History Online Exhibition is now available






KHWS is pleased to announce the launch of its virtual Threads of History display.

Generously supported by a grant from the City of Kingston Heritage Fund, the Threads of History project brings together oral
histories, objects, and images to tell the story of KHWS, from its founding in 1948 to the present.

Interviews with twenty KHWS members were conducted by two graduate student research
assistants from Queen’s University during the summer of 2021, using a variety of technologies
to accommodate Covid-19 safety measures. The resulting interviews were paired with images of
fibres and friendships forged—gleaned from the Guild’s archives as well as members’
collections—to create five digital exhibitions. These exhibitions explore the formation and early
days of the Guild, KHWS’s involvement with the Kingston community, its commitment to fibre
arts education and its social importance, as well as the personal stories of the Guild’s members.

Together, they highlight the continued importance of the fibre arts to individuals and the
Kingston community, and the deep connections between KHWS’s members.