Freshly shorn fleece

From fleece to fabric.  Spring brings the promise of new fleece to work with.  We are fortunate to have many local fibre producers in the Kingston area.  The farmers care for their animals and provide us with a range of natural colours and types of fibres.

There are many steps in preparing the fleshly shorn fleeces into useable yarns for knitting, or weaving into garments.



The fleece is usually washed and and any vegetable matter (pieces of grass, hay etc.) are picked out.

The locks are then carded in preparation for spinning.  Often this was a task for children to help support the household.




Carding washed fleece for spinning and weaving








Spinning as we might have in the late 1800s


The spun yarns are then knitted into garments or woven into cloth for household use or to be sewn for clothing.  Sometimes the yarns are dyed using plant materials (walnuts, flowers, roots, bark).

Flower dyes
Dyed using walnuts