Open Studio:

The Studio is open Thursday 10-2:00pm, for work, checking out the library or just chatting.


Future meetings:

Monthly Guild Meeting

Wednesday, April 10, 20196:30 p.m. In the studio

Members from the Limestone Loopers will be joining us to speak about Rug Hooking.

The presentation will include history on the origins of traditional rug-hooking and rug-hooking in early North America; and information on the materials and tools required.

2018/2019 Guild Challenge - Embellishment



noun: embellishment; plural noun: embellishments

• a decorative detail or feature added to something to make it more
• the action of adding details or features.

synonyms: decoration, ornamentation, adornment, beautification,
enhancement, trimming, trim, garnishing, gilding

Make an article along the theme of “embellishment”.

  • Requires a handspun and/or handwoven component (a general ballpark is that at least 50% of the article should be handspun and/or handwoven, but we understand that 50% is not always appropriate for a given item)
  • Requires two distinct parts 1. a ground work 2. an embellishment

Piece to be presented at the May 2019 general meeting.

Include a few sentences about the challenge. What was your inspiration for your piece? What did you
find valuable about this challenge? What was difficult? How will what you learned inform your practice
going forward?

The Guild Challenge is held annually; it is announced in September and judged in May. Pieces
submitted should be made within that time period. Judging will happen during the May Annual
General Meeting and prizes will be announced at the meeting. Usually, pieces are simply
dropped off before the meeting begins; information about how to label and submit your article
will be circulated closer to May.

In the Community

Thanks for joining us at First Capital Day